Help For Low-Income Oregonians Who Lose Homes To Wildfires

Aug 25, 2017

Low-income Oregonians who’ve had their home destroyed by wildfires might be able to get financial help.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.  

Credit Jereme Rauckman /

Oregon Housing and Community Services says up to $7,000 in assistance can be provided to homeowners, if they qualify.  Ariel Nelson is the agency’s spokeswoman.  She shares one of the primary criteria:

“Your annual income is at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level," says Nelson.  "For a family of four, 200 percent of the federal poverty level is $49,200 for an annual income.  Apparently there’s some sort of environmental cleanup that needs to be done before a home can be actually rebuilt on the site, and so it’s to cover those costs.” 

The program – called the Wildfire Damage Housing Relief Account – was created by the Oregon Legislature in 2015.  It covers homes ranging from stick built to recreational vehicles…as long as it’s a primary residence.

People can visit the Oregon Housing and Community Services website to learn about eligibility.  Nelson says funds are limited.

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