Higher Ed Budget Boosts Spending, But Might Not Prevent Tuition Hikes

Jun 11, 2019

Oregon colleges and universities are set to receive a funding boost after a key legislative budget panel approved a spending plan Tuesday.

The approval by the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Education gives colleges and universities the most certainty they’ve had so far about how much state aid they’ll receive over the next couple of years. Most members of the panel voted in favor of the budget.

Credit University of Oregon

Rep. Christine Drazan, R-Oregon City, said she’d support the bill, but she felt it still wasn’t enough. “I also hope that there is another look, if funds become available for the universities to get that last little push towards what they had requested and what they need for their budget,” she said.

Even with the increase in funding, Oregon’s seven public universities still plan to increase tuition. That includes the University of Oregon, which will have to take its case before the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission later this week.