Highway 42 Landslide Repairs Begin

Dec 29, 2015

It may take months to fully repair the landslide damage to Highway 42, the road between Roseburg and Coos Bay. Crews began clearing material Tuesday morning.

Credit Oregon Department of Transportation

Last week the slide cracked the pavement and caused officials to close the highway.
Jared Castle is with the Oregon Department of Transportation.
Castle: “There’s a lot of debris that came down: rocks, trees, mud. It also broke up the highway, the existing Oregon 42, so we’ll have to remove those pieces of the highway and then put down fresh rock. When we do re-open a single lane it will be under rock with flaggers providing traffic control.”
Castle says a full re-opening of Highway 42 is at least a month away. ODOT says travelers can use Highways 38 or 199 to go between the coast and I-5.