Holiday Fire Aftermath Viewed In Blue River: 'All Gone'

Sep 16, 2020

The Holiday Farm Fire has scorched the McKenzie River Corridor area for more than a week now. Some residents from the ravaged areas have been allowed back to survey the damage.

Blue River intersection, after the Holiday Farm Fire swept through it.
Credit Andy Nelson / Register-Guard/pool

Hundreds of people fled their homes in the middle of the night last week, as the fire blazed through the dry terrain. Tim Laue of Blue River recalls people driving to Eugene on the wheel rims of their cars, because the heat melted their tires. 

Tim Laue, in Eugene earlier today.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Laue’s since gone back, to find his house and guest cottage burned to the foundations.

“It’s an emotionally hard thing to do, because you’ve lost – in my case – 50 years of your life," Laue told KLCC.  "My piano, the art we had, and the things you keep to remember family, to celebrate your children. Those are all gone.”

Laue says as president of the McKenzie Community Development Corporation, he’s working with relief organizations to provide support for other affected residents.  He says helping his neighbors grieve and rebuild will keep him going through this difficult time as well.

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