House Democrats Unveil Massive Infrastructure Bill

Jan 30, 2020

A sweeping $760 billion spending bill from House Democrats aims to overhaul transportation and infrastructure across the U.S. 

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The five-year framework would modernize 911 public safety networks, implement Buy America protections to benefit U.S. steel and manufacturing, and invest in clean energy development.

Oregon Representative Peter DeFazio chairs the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.  He says this bill will upgrade highways, rail, airports, and other facilities.

Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR)
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“You know, we’re living off the legacy of the Eisenhower infrastructure. It’s falling apart, timed out," DeFazio tells KLCC. 

"So we need to rebuild it in ways that are resilient to severe weather events. There are also new materials now that are much less carbon-polluting, in fact they’ve even invented concrete that can absorb carbon.”

The plan would also invest $80 billion to expand broadband internet to underserved communities. DeFazio hopes Congressional Republicans are open to passing the bill all the way to the president’s desk.

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