House District 14 Candidates Face Off At Eugene City Club

Oct 5, 2018

Issues over redistricting came up at a City Club of Eugene forum Friday with candidates for Oregon House District 14.

Rich Cunningham and Julie Fahey at City Club of Eugene forum Friday.
Credit Tiffany Eckert

Following the 2020 census, there will be new round of redistricting. Incumbent, Democrat Julie Fahey says districts should be drawn so that communities of interest are grouped together.  
“I firmly believe that voters should choose their elected officials, elected officials shouldn’t choose their voters,” Fahey says. “We need to make sure our redistricting process is fair and that it’s non-partisan.”
House District 14 includes a bit of River Road, some of Santa Clara, some of Churchill, all of Bethel and Junction City. Here’s Republican challenger Rich Cunningham.
“It’s a nutty way to draw a map, I gotta tell ya,” Cunningham says. “Redistricting by its very rule is a political game and it should not be. There should be a bi-partisan commission appointed.”
Among other things, the candidates disagreed on Measure 106, which prohibits public funding for abortion. Fahey calls it a “back door ban” while Cunningham says he supports further limits on abortion access.