Hundreds of Eugene Students March in 4th Climate Strike of the Year

Dec 6, 2019

South Eugene High School senior Patrick Walker helps lead climate march chant.
Credit Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

People around the world marched for environmental justice in the fourth climate strike of the year today. 

As it began to sprinkle, hundreds of people marched to the Eugene federal courthouse to rally against climate change. 

Strikers satirically critique the Jordan Cove Pipeline.
Credit Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

Avery Temple is a UO senior studying globalization and environmental policy, and a member of Sunrise Eugene. She says low income and minority communities like Bethel and Springfield are more likely to be exposed to toxic chemicals and feel the effects of climate change.

“We have a system in place that forces the most vulnerable in our community to suffer more than anybody else," said Temple. "Capitalism has created climate change at the expense of brown, black, indigenous people of color since its beginning.”

A group of climate strike marchers rebel against extinction.
Credit Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

  After the rally, climate strikers marched to Eugene's Free Speech Plaza to learn more about instilling local change, as well as participate in a community art project. 

  Lex Worden is also a UO student working with Sunrise Eugene. She says art has a way of opening up a dialogue that can be more accessible than simply speaking to someone. 

"Being able to do artwork, I think, really helps bring people in," said Worden. "And also, I think it really helps balance some of the fear that can happen from talking about it a lot."

Created by Lex Worden, people can paint sections of a climate change art installation. The painting represents the Willamette River, Cascade Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean.

Climate strikers say their goal is to have Governor Kate Brown oppose the Jordan Cove Pipeline, as well as have the Green New Deal passed on local, state, and federal levels.