Hunters Cautioned To Follow Forest Regulations

Aug 31, 2015

Bow hunting season opened in Oregon over the weekend. Local land managers are welcoming visitors to the forests, but they have several cautions.

Fire danger for Monday, August 31 on the Willamette National Forest website.

Recent rains and cooler temperatures have brought a taste of fall.

But Jude McHugh of the Willamette National Forest says the moisture hasn’t penetrated the tree canopy, and fire danger remains high:

McHugh: “We’re still asking hunters to please be careful. No campfires in dispersed locations, places that are not within campgrounds, at this point in time, and to make sure that when they park their vehicle, they don’t park on dry grass, they’re not dragging trailer chains that could spark and ignite a fire alongside a vehicle.”

McHugh says hunters also need to know whose land they’re on and follow its regulations. She says there have been more human caused fires this year than usual, including a fair number of abandoned campfires.  Elk and deer bow hunting season runs through late September. Rifle hunting season begins October 3rd.

Private land closure information from the Oregon Department of Forestry is here.