Hunters Urged To Properly Dispose Of Urine-Scent Lures By New Year

Aug 18, 2019

Oregon wildlife officials are reminding hunters to get rid of all scented lures that contain deer or elk urine by 2020.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull explains, it’s a new state law aimed at keeping Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) out of Oregon.

A young buck roaming through Lane County.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Some hunters use the urine-scent lures to attract bull elk or bucks to their position. They mimic a female in heat, and can be bought from stores or online. But they can potentially carry the prions that cause CWD.   Oregon’s legislature passed a bill this session banning them starting next year.

Colin Gillin of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife says the urine-scent industry is unregulated.

“That’s what the legislature was concerned about, was the fact there’s no regulation, that this is a very dangerous disease," Gillin tells KLCC. 

"It’s highly infectious and very contagious, and it’s passed in urine.”

Gillin says people should not dispose of these lures down the drain or on the ground. Instead, they should go to an ODFW district office for proper disposal.  There, the scent-lures will be incinerated in an 1800-degree (F) oven, sufficient to destroy any prions.

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