Industry Groups Join Trump Administration In Seeking To Appeal Youth Climate Lawsuit

Mar 13, 2017

Petroleum industry groups have joined the Trump Administration in seeking appeal of a climate change lawsuit that’s set to go to trial next fall. The suit was brought against the federal government by 21 youth plaintiffs.

21 youth ages 8 - 20 are suing the federal government over climate change.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Last week, the Trump Administration filed a motion seeking an appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Julia Olson with Our Children’s Trust represents the youth plaintiffs. She says it’s no surprise the government is trying to avoid going to trial. She points out Rex Tillerson was formerly with the American Petroleum Institute, one of the groups that has intervened on behalf of the defendants.
Olson: “He is now defendant Secretary of State. So they are working closely together to do what they can to try to avoid trial, try to avoid producing documents that show that these groups, our government and the industry, have been working together for decades to keep fossil fuels in place. And that has caused climate change.”
It’s up to Federal Judge Ann Aiken to allow the Trump Administration to appeal the case. She denied motions to dismiss the youth climate lawsuit last fall.