International Archaeology Film Festival To Stream Online This Year

May 10, 2020

The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival is bringing its 17th annual series online for viewers this year. They’ve built their own video-on-demand platform to make it happen.

One of the films submitted for the TAC International Film Festival is an episode of "Lost Cities with Albert Lin: Stonehenge." This film along with more than 20 others will be available on demand from May 13-17.
Credit Lost Cities: Arrow Media (London)

Rather than canceling the fest, The Archaeology Channel decided to expedite their plans to host on-demand streaming. Director Richard Pettigrew says they’ve been eyeing ways to enter a market that’s been dominated by services like Netflix and Hulu.

“We’ve been planning to do that for that last couple of years for a bigger purpose, but when the need came up to find a way to deliver our film festival films online we naturally took that idea and applied it to this specific purpose," he says.

Pettigrew says with the exception of a couple of documentaries, they were able to obtain rights to stream more than 20 films from May 13-17. Tickets are available for $4.99 and viewers can access all content, that includes films about art, lost cities, and astronomy. Awards will be announced on May 18.

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