Is It Coronavirus...Or Just The Usual Seasonal Ailments?

Mar 20, 2020

As coronavirus dominates headlines, people worried about showing symptoms should remember: it’s still flu season and allergy season is just beginning.

Two members of the New York National Guard register people at a COVID-19 Mobile Testing Center in Glenn Island Park, New Rochelle, Mar. 14, 2020.
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Jason Davis of Lane County Health and Human Services says it’s easy to confuse the symptoms.  While the flu and COVID-19 can both cause fevers, runny nose, aches, and fatigue…

"...with influenza, you typically don’t have difficulty breathing. You typically don’t feel like someone is sitting on your chest, and you just can’t get a deep breath of air," Davis tells KLCC. 

"So that sensation, that feeling is really unique to COVID and differentiates between COVID and influenza. Really those are the two biggest diagnostic factors and differences between the two.”

Davis adds that flu season generally ends in early May.

As for allergies, there’s sneezing, wheezing, fatigue, and sometimes rashes and face swelling…but sufferers won’t have a fever, which is symptomatic with COVID-19.

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