It's No Fluke...Whale Watching Week Is Underway Along Oregon Coast

Dec 25, 2017

The last week of December finds many people and families on break, contending with cabin fever. 

Oregon Parks and Recreation officials say it’s high time to go to the coast and watch the annual gray whale migration. 

Migrating gray whales
Credit Michael H. Smith / Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept.

Luke Parsons is a park ranger with the whale watching center in Depoe Bay.  He says 20,000 gray whales will be headed south towards Mexico.

“It’s a very, very busy time…up to 30 whales per hour are passing any given location along the coast," says Parsons.

"And so just in term of sheer numbers of whales, it’s pretty amazing.” 

The best viewing is from high points, not the beaches, as the whales will be two to five miles off shore.  Binoculars are highly recommended.

Parsons adds for the first time this year, whale watching week will be streamed on Oregon State Park’s YouTube channel as well.

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