It's Time For Eugene's Annual SLUG Queen Competition

Aug 2, 2017

The Society for the Legitimization of Ubiquitous Gastropods or SLUG Queen competition gets underway this week. The deadline for aspiring Eugene Slug Queens to apply for the honor is this Friday, August 4th.

Holly GoSluggly was Eugene Slug Queen in 2011-12.

Former SLUG Queen Holly GoSluggly encourages people to participate.
“It’s a wonderful way to connect with your community.” GoSluggly says, “Our reigning queen Eugenia has raised funds all year for our own Eugene Public Library and we’ll get to see her pinned an old queen on August 11th. So, one of our mottos is ‘bribe early and bribe often’. So, my favorite bribes are seeing you out and about at local events and selfies in front of murals.”
The lighthearted “pageant” is an opportunity for people to dress up, assume a playful alter-ego and bring attention to issues in the community.
The SLUG Queen Coronation event is on August 11th at the Park Blocks in Eugene