Judge Issues Stay On Aerial Spray Ban

Jun 23, 2017

This week a Lincoln County Circuit judge issued a preliminary injunction that prevents enforcement of a provision of a voter passed aerial spraying measure.

Credit Rachael McDonald

Voters narrowly approved Measure 22-177 in the May special election. It was immediately challenged with a lawsuit, which asked for stay. Bill Hall is a Lincoln County Commissioner:
“The preliminary injunction that was granted in circuit court prevents citizens from exercising the “direct action” portion of the measure, letting them take action directly to enforce the measure.”
Hall says the Lincoln County Sheriff will put enforcement of the or on hold until the court proceedings are resolved. The Board of Commissioners took a position against measure 22-177 during the election. Hall says he thinks regulation of pesticide spraying should be up to the state. There is a similar citizen’s rights measure to ban aerial pesticide spraying in the works in Lane County.