Judge Recommends Against Trump’s Appeal Of Youth Climate Lawsuit

May 1, 2017

A federal judge in Eugene says the Trump administration is, quote, “putting the cart before the horse” by appealing a climate lawsuit brought by 21 young people. The case has already survived 2 motions for dismissal and is set to go to trial later this year.

Some of the 21 youths suing the government over climate change at the Federal Courthouse in Eugene.
Credit Rachael McDonald

The lawsuit claims the government must do more to reduce fossil fuel emissions which cause climate change. The Trump administration earlier this year asked to appeal the lawsuit. It’s unusual for a judge to grant an early appeal before a case has even gone to trial. Federal Magistrate Judge Thomas Coffin recommends the appeal be denied.
21 year old Kelsey Juliana of Eugene is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit.
Juliana: “I have full faith in our judicial system and I have full faith in this case. I have full faith in my lawyers and I know we’re going to win. You know, I kind of shut down the questions of, if you don’t win, it’s like, no, we’re going to win!”
Judge Coffin’s recommendations will go to District Judge Ann Aiken for review. Last year, Aiken ruled the case should go to trial, on constitutional grounds.
The Trump administration has 2 weeks to file any objections.