Landslide Closes Highway 20 Near Toledo

Jan 5, 2017

A landslide has closed U.S. Highway 20 west of Toledo. The State Department of Transportation says both lanes were blocked Thursday morning on the road between Corvallis and Newport.

The landslide is at milepost 5.5 near Toledo.
Credit ODOT

ODOT spokeswoman Angela Beers-Seydel says the slide won’t likely be cleared until midday Friday.

Beers-Seydel: “We had about 4,000 yards of material come off the hill and that included about 60 trees. So, it’s a pretty substantial landslide.”

A local detour is in place. Beers-Seydel says this time of year, crews are watching for landslides. They try to prevent them when possible.  A snow avalanche closed Highway 20 to the east near Santiam Pass on Wednesday. That’s been cleared.