Lane Co. Vax Troubles: Promised Doses Don't Arrive, Eligible People Aren't Scheduling

Mar 24, 2021

Last month, Lane County Public Health was told by the Oregon Health Authority that they would be receiving 80,000 Johnson and Johnson vaccine doses starting March 22. That did not happen. 

Although the federal and state government promised 80K J & J vaccine doses starting March 22, Lane Co Public Health came up empty handed.
Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Lane County spokesperson Jason Davis said there is little explanation as to why Oregon didn't receive the doses. He said while heath officials continue to seek answers about the undelivered J & J vax shipments, there is another discouraging matter.

“We are not seeing the demand for vaccine amongst the eligible groups like we did we did during the early weeks of our senior eligibility,” he said.

Davis said they currently have 2,000 slots still unscheduled for mass vax clinics this weekend. There is a notable “lag” in the eligible group of 45 to 64 year olds with pre-existing conditions.

Public Health launched a new website where everyone who is eligible can automatically schedule a time and place to get their first. Second shots or boosts can also be self-scheduled but only once you’ve gotten to 21 or 28 days (for Pfizzer or Moderna respectively) after the first shot.

The new COVID-19 vax scheduling website is  or click here