Lane Community College And Oregon State University Work Out Business (Graduate) Deal

Nov 2, 2018

Business students can earn a bachelor’s degree in less time under a new agreement being signed today by Lane Community College and Oregon State University.

OSU graduates at Reser Stadium, 2014.
Credit OSU


Chris Rehn is LCC’s Division Dean for Business and Computer IT. He says this deal has been a year in the making.


Under it, OSU will accept up to 120 credit hours from LCC towards undergrad business administration degree requirements. Students will then need to earn 60 more credit hours from OSU’s College of Business.


“So it really turns what would typically be a four-year degree, into what looks a lot like a three-year degree," says Rehn. "One benefit is, our students get out into the workforce sooner, they’re gonna save time and money.”


The agreement between LCC and OSU will be reviewed in three years.


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