Lane Community College To Observe Inaugural Indigenous Peoples Day October 12th

Oct 7, 2020

A virtual celebration is being held at noon this Monday, to mark Lane Community College’s inaugural observance of Indigenous People’s Day. 

A totem pole awaits restoration work at the 4J NATIVES program in Eugene.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

In June, the Board of Education approved a resolution recognizing the second Monday of every October as Indigenous People’s Day at the college.

Lori Tapahanso, LCC.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Lori Tapahanso is Native American Student Program Coordinator at LCC. She says the event includes a Siletz song, a tour of the Kalapuya Talking Stones, and discussion with the Field Museum in Chicago on land acknowledgment statements.

“As Indigenous people, we’ve been acknowledging stolen land for as long as we can remember for generations," she told KLCC. 

"The land acknowledgment statements are so extremely important for non-Indigenous people to begin using.”

People interested in watching the virtual event can email Tapahanso.

An engraving at the U.S. Capitol building depicts Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas.
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Indigenous Peoples Day has increasingly replaced Columbus Day in recent years, as Columbus’ legacy of slavery and murder across the Americas has come more to light.

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