Lane County Commissioners Cancel Large Events At Emerald Meadows Park

May 13, 2014

The Lane County Board of Commissioners has suspended large events at Emerald Meadows beginning in 2015.  Last summer, neighbors surrounding the park near Mt. Pisgah complained about noise and trash from the Kaleidoscope Music Festival.  A task force of neighbors and promoters agreed to mitigation for this summer’s events, but they could not settle on policies for subsequent years.

Emerald Meadows Park, east of Eugene
Credit Rachael McDonald
Tuesday’s vote cancels previously contracted events in 2015, including the Dirty Dash and Faerieworlds.  Commissioners voiced concern that if they didn’t cancel now, a land use challenge could put the County on the line for breach-of-contract damages. Commissioner Pat Farr was the only dissenting vote, voicing support for Faerieworlds.    Farr: “I think we’re losing, potentially losing, something forever that really could have been a strong part of our community – that almost would be a signature event in the community.  And certainly after we observed it this year, we might have said ‘never again.’  But we might have also stood back and said ‘You know, this is going to work.’  We’re not going to have that opportunity.” Events with fewer than 1000 people will still be allowed at the site.  Commissioners said the ban on large events could be overturned depending on future changes to county policy.