Lane County Considers Automatic Fireworks Ban During Fire Season

Jul 19, 2021

At a Board meeting on Tuesday, July 13, commissioners discussed a potential fireworks ban that would be automatically triggered when fire season is declared. The aim is to address fire danger.


Drought conditions heightened concerns about using fireworks during fire season this year.
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“It gives a level of predictability. And also means that it won’t be reliant on the Board of Commissioners taking action on the issue every year,” said Devon Ashbridge, Public Information Officer.

The ordinance process can impact implementing a fireworks ban.

“Because our ordinance process does require certain waiting periods and public hearings,” said Ashbridge. Sometimes we can’t move quickly enough to get an ordinance in place.”

This year, fire season was declared in June and Oregon is currently in a drought.

“After the last year, we collectively, as a community, are far more aware of the very real danger of wildfire,” said Ashbridge. “But again, balancing it with the traditions that so many of our residents hold dear.”

The board needs to decide whether the ban should include the entire county or only areas not covered by municipalities or fire protection districts. They’ll also consider whether to include the manufacturing, sale and/or use of fireworks in the ban. People who violate this ban could receive fines and also be liable in a civil suit.

The Board asks for input from Lane County residents. Information on how to do this can be found here.