Lane County Government Website Down, Restoration TBD

Feb 5, 2021

Lane County’s official website is unavailable for the indeterminable future.  It went down around 1:00pm Thursday.

Credit Lauren Mancke / Unsplash

Spokesperson Devon Ashbridge says their vendor, CivicLive, informed them of outages that are still being repaired.

“At first we believed it might have been due to the high volume of traffic for the COVID-19 vaccine pre-registration form," explained Ashbridge.  "But that timing turned out to be coincidental.  

"CivicLive believes that they’ve identified the issue, but they have not been able to provide and estimated timeline for our website to come back.”

A temporary, simplified website for Lane County is online until the official one is restored.

Ashbridge says many basic services are available, which includes pre-registration links for the COVID-19 vaccine in English and Spanish.

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