Lane County Project Promotes Mental Health

May 10, 2016

Lane County Public Health is getting the word out---mental health is just as important as physical well-being. KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert reports on a community-wide project that encourages every citizen to “mind your mind.”

If a friend breaks their arm, people will reach out right away--send a card—flowers--maybe make a meal. Not so much if someone is feeling really down and depressed.

Sandy Moses is a mental health promotion coordinator. She’s seen the dire effects of leaving mental health unchecked. Oregon has a suicide rate 40% higher than the national.

Moses: “It translates to about one suicide per week in Lane County.”

The county launched the Mind Your Mind campaign to offer resources and practical tips to promote mental health. Things like singing, playing with a pet, laughing. Moses believes that reaching out to others is one key to mental wellness.

Moses: “It takes a whole community. It’s not just a treatment provider. It’s not just a legislator. It’s all of us who have to take responsibility for each other.”

More information on the Mind Your Mind Project:

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