Lane County Ready To Ramp Up COVID-19 Testing

Apr 29, 2020

Lane County Public Health Spokesman Jason Davis says COVID-19 testing guidelines have been broadened and local testing capacity is ready to increase. Testing numbers have yet to ramp up - likely because area doctors have been following advice to conserve resources. 

Lane County Public Health Spokesman Jason Davis holds a press briefing with updates on COVID-19.
Credit Lane County Public Health

Senior Public Health Officer Dr. Luedtke [LUD-key] has set the county benchmark at processing 500 tests per day. An increase in testing will help local health care experts understand how the disease is moving within the community and identify potential ‘hot spots.’ 

Public Health officials are taking proactive steps to increase testing among at-risk populations. Davis says people with mild symptoms, who have previously been told to wait out the illness at home, should now call their health care provider to discuss getting a test.