Lane County To Seek State Approval For Re-Opening Plan

May 7, 2020

“When will Lane County re-open?” Lately, this is the most common question posed to Lane County Commissioners. Board Chair Heather Buch says they now have a “blueprint" which includes three phases.

Lane County Commissioner Chair Heather Buch describes the blueprint for re-opening the county.
Credit from Lane County Public Health video

The first could begin as soon as May 15th. It would allow for very small social gatherings and limited re-opening of some businesses. Buch warns it will take at least three weeks to proceed from phase to phase.

“That’s the key difference. In the conversation with the governor this week the first phase and possibly into the second phase will be 21 days rather than previously expected at 14.”

Phase 2 will increase group sizes, allow non-essential travel and expand the types of businesses allowed to resume services.

Buch describes phase 3 as “a new normal” possibly through the summer—allowing visits to assisted living facilities and increased seating in bars and restaurants. 

Buch says they expect to submit an application for state approval of their blueprint --on Friday.

Progressing through the phases is dependent upon Lane County meeting recommended criteria such as continuing to show decreases in COVID cases, assuring that medical professionals have enough protective gear and providing sufficient testing to track the disease.

To see the entire blueprint: