Lane County To Vaccinate Thousands At Mass Vax Clinics This Weekend

Feb 26, 2021

Lane County’s weekly allocation of COVID-19 vaccine has increased to about 6,300 doses. Public Health will hold mass vax clinics this weekend at two different sites.

Mass vax clinics are planned for with weekend in the Lane County metro area. Thousands of first doses will be administered to 70  population and folks in Phase 1A who still await the shot.
Credit Tiffany Eckert

Around 4,500 doses will be administered to the 70 plus population and more to those in 1-A priority groups who still haven’t received the shot. Only those who have been previously scheduled for a slot should show up.

Spokesperson Jason Davis says they’ve heard frustration from some residents around vaccination scheduling online.

“Just to be clear on the way that works. If a clinic is full, it disappears off of our clinic list when you go to schedule and all that will be listed there is the wait list,” he said. “Until the wait list is full-- and then it will disappear altogether.”

Davis reminded that vaccine supply dictates how many people can be scheduled for each vax clinic. He said a booster clinic is scheduled for early next week to provide 6,000 residents with their second shot.

Public Health reports 4.7% of Lane County’s population has been fully vaccinated as of Friday (02/26/21.)