Lane County's Record COVID Case Count Attributed To Travel

Jul 21, 2020

Over the weekend, Lane County saw the highest COVID-19 case count in a single day. On Saturday, 40 new positive cases were identified. Public Health officials acknowledge a transmission trend.

Health and Human Services Public Information Officer Jason Davis said disease investigations reveal most of the new cases were related to travel. 

Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“I think it’s important that folks know exactly how these new infections are coming into Lane County,” Davis said. “They’re really not being transmitted through community transmission here in our county. They’re actually being brought in and then spreading from there.”

In the days following the spike, case counts have steadily declined. Davis said it’s useful to look at transmission trends over time instead of day-to-day. He adds the daily number can fluctuate for several reasons including testing times and when Public Health is notified of positive results.

Countywide, there have been a total of 406 cases of COVID-19. Currently 54 people are infectious, with one patient hospitalized. Three Lane County residents have died from the virus.