Large, Loud Pickup Seen Around Veneta Endangering Locals

Dec 11, 2018

Oregon State Police are searching for a multi-colored pickup truck that has endangered people around Veneta.

A grandmother traveling with three youngsters narrowly avoided being struck by a large rock thrown through her windshield Sunday afternoon.
Credit Oregon State Police

On Sunday afternoon, December 9th, a woman driving with three grandchildren near Territorial Highway and Clear Lake Road was nearly hit by a large rock that crashed through her windshield. It had been thrown by the pickup occupants as it passed her.

The rock was large and could have killed someone, say Oregon State Police. The truck is described as a lifted, possibly red-and-black pickup with 'extremely loud exhaust.'
Credit Oregon State Police

The rock landed in her rear passenger seat, but could have easily injured or killed someone, says OSP Captain Tim Fox.

Exterior view of the damaged windshield. The loud truck had also been reported on Saturday, throwing rocks at other vehicles and a cyclist on Hwy 36 near Milepost 34 in the Triangle Lake Area.
Credit Oregon State Police

“With most likely broken bones, if it hits anywhere other than the head. And it depends on the speed of the car, and if they just toss it out the window at the right time, that’s gonna be quite an impact," Captain Fox tells KLCC.

"We’re hoping that someone knows something whether somebody’s talkin, saying ‘Hey, we did this,’ and thought it was funny.”

The day before, a multi-colored, flatbed truck with loud exhaust was reported throwing rocks at other vehicles and a cyclist. No one was hurt, but the potential for injury or death can’t be dismissed, say police.

Tips can be called in at 800-442-0776.

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