Law Conference Explores 6th Extinction

Feb 26, 2014

The Public Interest Environmental Law Conference is an annual event at the UO Law School.
Credit uo lawblog

Thousands of Environmental activists, lawyers and students will be at the University of Oregon in Eugene this weekend for the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference. The 3 day event begins Thursday afternoon.

The theme of the law conference this year is "Running into Running Out"

Brinson: "With the 6th largest mass extinction currently happening, we've got to do something. So hopefully, this conference can be an opportunity for people to figure some of this stuff out."

Law student Cooper Brinson is a conference co-organizer. He refers to current scientific thinking that because of human action, the earth is experiencing the 6th extinction.

Former NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchencko, and former NASA Institute Director James Hanson are among the keynote speakers.  There are also dozens of panel discussions. Brinson says activists and attorneys have the chance to connect over the weekend.

Brinson: "So, whether they're on the ground protesting issues like the tar sands or other extractive industries or their in the courtroom doing land use issues I mean there's something here for everybody and everybody can come here to network."

The Public Interest Environmental Law Conference is Thursday through Sunday at the U of O Law School in Eugene.