Lawmakers Set To Vote On Bill To Overhaul Oregon’s Recycling System

Jun 22, 2021

Oregon’s recycling programs would see some changes under a bill scheduled for a vote Wednesday in the state Senate.


A bill up for consideration in Salem would attempt to clarify which containers can actually be recycled in Oregon.
Credit Chris Lehman / KLCC

Senate Bill 582 would standardize recycling across the state by creating a master list of items that would be accepted in curbside recycling. The idea is to reduce the amount of recyclable items that end up in the trash, and the amount of non-recyclable items that end up in the blue bins. Mis-directed items can increase  the cost of recycling programs.


Sanne Stienstra of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality said it’s not always clear what can be recycled under the current system.

"A single statewide collection list will help reduce that confusion," she said. "It will make it very clear what does and does not go in the bin, whether you’re at work or at home.”

The bill would also expand recycling to more rural areas and apartment complexes. Some of the changes will be paid for in part by companies that produce consumer products.