LCC Bond Measure Could Mean Less Tuition Increases

May 11, 2020

Credit Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

For Lane County residents, next Tuesday’s election will include voting on a Lane Community College bond measure.

The almost $122 million project would upgrade the college’s facilities, and ultimately expand their programs.

During a virtual town hall, LCC board member Melanie Muenzer says if the bond fails, the college would possibly increase tuition to complete necessary maintenance repairs.

“It’s an indirect impact on tuition," said Muenzer. "If we get the bond, that frees up money from the general fund dollars that we would not have to invest in the projects and maintenance, and repairs that the bond would cover. So because of that, it helps keep tuition dollars down as much as possible.”

If approved, the bond would be in place for 15 years. LCC is also seeking approval of a 20 year span, which could allow for refinancing.

Elections officials say in order to get your ballot in by the May 19th deadline, they should be in the mail by Wednesday. Ballots can be dropped off by hand to official drop sites by 8 p.m. May 19th.

Lane Community College holds the license for KLCC.