LCC Is Now A Certified Bee Campus

May 30, 2019

Lane Community College is now a certified Bee Campus. They became the 5th college in Oregon to make this move.

LCC Bee Campus Certification Team, from left: Jacob Bushman, Luis Maggiori, Margaret Robertson, Susie Holmes, Kyle Koski, Jennifer Hayward.
Credit Lane Community College

Becoming a Bee Campus means LCC took specifics steps to encourage native pollinator species, not just bees. In April students planted native Willamette Valley plants in 5 gardens around campus.

In addition to meeting the college’s core values, Sustainability Coordinator Luis Maggiori says an important part of the effort is the local impact.

“Each one of these campuses is like a small city and we have a potential to reach large numbers of people that can eventually lead by example,” said Maggiori. “And these efforts help foster community resilience in the face of climate change.”

As part of the commitment, LCC will hold annual education and outreach events in hopes to encourage others to become local pollinators. Maggiori says the more people get involved, the better for the environment and food production.

In related news, Eugene is now a certified Bee City.