LCC Professor Helps Native Students Succeed

Jul 4, 2019

Lori Tapahonso
Credit Karen Richards

One administrator at Lane Community College is using her experience to bring more Native students to the school and help them succeed.

Lori Tapahonso worked in tribal colleges for 17 years, places where everyone was Indigenous. As the Native American Student Program Coordinator at Lane, she’s able to help students feel secure:

Tapahonso: “I’m helping the entire family understand what college is. I’m meeting the families at their high schools, I’m meeting them at their homes. I’m doing the work to bring in students that maybe wouldn’t come otherwise.”


These efforts help because it’s what her students are used to:


Tapahonso: “Our tribal communities are not about, ‘It’s about you and only you and it’s up to you to make it in the world.’ Your community shows up for you, your community helps celebrate every accomplishment.”


LCC has 600 students who self identify as Native and Tapahonso says there’s a new influx coming in the fall.