Leaders of Coastal Oregon County Urge More Equitable Vaccine Distribution

Feb 2, 2021

Lincoln County is protesting the Oregon Health Authority’s decision not to send them any vaccine doses this week.  Some rural counties were told to wait while urban counties catch up on inoculating 1A groups and educators.


Lincoln County is a popular tourist destination in spring and summer. County leaders would like to be able to vaccinate the community before tourist season.
Credit Rachael McDonald


Lincoln County leaders sent a letter to the OHA urging a more equitable distribution process. Lincoln County Commissioner Kaety Jacobson told KLCC, until now, they’d been kind of “rockin it” . She said they’d vaccinated 1A and educator groups and were getting started on seniors. The coastal county is a popular tourist destination and spring is coming.

“We do feel and sense that ticking clock of trying to get our community vaccinated before we sort of have this spring and summer rush of tourists that makes us vulnerable," Jacobson said.

Jacobson added, because of their tourist economy, the service industry is a larger group that might take longer to vaccinate. She doesn’t think more urban counties would be asked to wait on them to catch up if the tables were turned. 

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