Library Nonprofits Fundraise for Mobile Wifi Hotspots

Mar 30, 2021

Emily and her daughter give feedback on the Sprint-based wifi hotspots.
Credit Madison Wilson, Eugene Public Library Foundation

The Eugene Public Library may soon be lending the internet. KLCC has more on a campaign to raise money for portable wifi hotspots.


The Eugene Public Library Foundation and Friends of the Library want to fund 300 wifi hotspots. Foundation Executive Director Reed Davaz McGowan said anyone with a library card will be able to check one out.

“Mobile wifi hotspots are about the size of your hand," said Davaz McGowan, "and they are chargeable like a cell phone. They don’t need to be plugged in to get access.”


The hotspots provide connectivity for up to 10 devices, and have enough bandwidth to support multiple video streams at a time. Davaz McGowan said their nonprofit partners are testing them, and will also loan them out. “We funded 11 hotspots initially that are at First Place Family Center, White Bird, and 15th Night," she said. "We’re trying to make sure that the library can get all the kinks out before they go live.”


A kickoff video airs Saturday. The fundraiser ends with a webcast celebration April 24th.


There's more information on the Eugene Public Library Foundation website