Life-Saving Spray Being Issued To EPD Patrol Officers

Feb 8, 2018

Eugene Police have a new tool in their efforts to help addicts in crisis: the drug naloxone, which can reverse opioid overdoses.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

A close-up shot of the Narcan-brand naxolone sprayer.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

More Eugene Police are now beginning to carry naloxone nasal sprayers. The EPD has purchased roughly ten dozen 4 milligram bottles, at a cost of $35 apiece.

Officer Jose Alvarez says police are increasingly coming into contact with illicit drugs on patrol, including fentanyl…a synthetic opioid. Besides using naloxone sprayers on drug users, officers can use them on themselves if exposed to residue, needles, and broken containers.

EPD Officer Jose Alvarez with a naxalone sprayer and demonstration dummy.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

“All this really does is take the opiate overdose problem out of the picture, or at least diminish the risks associated with it," Alvarez tells KLCC. 

"There could still be some other medical issues on the table. But if there’s a concurrent opiate overdose this can help alleviate that, and at least give the person a fighting chance.”

Alvarez adds once the scene is secured, paramedics can tend to the victim. Naloxone is also sold in pharmacies under various brand names.

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