Lincoln County District Attorney Rob Bovett is Stepping Down

Nov 12, 2013

Lincoln County District Attorney Rob Bovett.
Credit Lincoln County

An Oregon district attorney, who's internationally recognized for his work to curtail methamphetamine manufacturing, is leaving his job.

Seven years ago, Oregon enacted a law making a key ingredient in methamphetamine prescription only. Lincoln County D.A. Rob Bovett authored the law and has gained national recognition for his work on eradicating meth. Mississippi is the only other state to adopt the law. In Oregon, Bovett says there has been a 97-percent decrease in the number of meth labs. Senator Ron Wydent (D, OR) has written similar legislation for a national policy on pseudoephedrine, the ingredient that has been moved behind the counter in Oregon and Mississippi. In resigning as D.A., Bovett also will step down from the Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission. However, he doesn't see his anti-drug efforts ending.

Bovett: "I'll be able to concentrate even more on policy issues that affect county governments, including drug use and drug abuse. So I've long worked in drug policy here in Oregon and nationally and I anticipate continuing that work in both the legislature and in my volunteer work with a number of national associations."

In January, Bovett begins his new position as Legal Counsel/Policy Manager for the Association of Oregon Counties, which lobbies at the state and federal level. In his resignation letter to Governor Kitzhaber, Bovett recommends his Chief Deputy Michelle Branam to be appointed as the interim D.A. the election to fill the post would take place in May.