Lincoln County Seeks Public Input On New Disaster Plan

Jul 21, 2015

Lincoln County is looking to limit the risks of natural disasters. They’ve partnered with several state agencies to develop a mitigation plan. Now the county wants resident to review the public document.


To be eligible for FEMA funding, natural hazards mitigation plans have to be updated every 5 years. Emergency manager Jenny Demaris says the University of Oregon helped lead Lincoln County through the process.

Demaris: “The great part taking the time to update this plan: new technology, new science, new information, new tsunami inundation maps and the river forecasting. It’s amazing how many things change in a five-year time period that directly correlates back to our natural environment.”

Demaris says by reviewing the plan the public has chance to evaluate how potential disasters in their areas are addressed. She encourages people to go through the plan to be aware of localized hazards possible in the event of a natural disaster.