Linn County Approves Replacement of Lebanon Fire District Station

Nov 6, 2019

Credit Lebanon Fire District

The Lebanon Fire District will move forward with plans to build a new replacement station after Linn County voters approved a $16 million bond, Tuesday night.  

The current station is 44 years old and hasn’t aged well making it unsafe for firefighters said Fire Chief Gordon Sletmoe.

“I’m very happy for everybody that voted regardless of which way they voted,” Sletmoe said of the results. “We call them our customers, they’re our citizens, they’re our people, we listen to what they say.”

More than half of voters approved the bond in a tight election. The measure is estimated to cost the average homeowner $31 dollars a year in taxes.

“I think our history has proven that we are very good stewards of the money that the taxpayers give to us and we will be with this money as well,” Sletmoe said.

In addition to a new replacement station, the funds will also be used to pay for 5 new fire vehicles.