Live Cameras Installed At Oregon Coast Aquarium

Jul 16, 2019

Three new live cameras have been installed at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. They feature live feeds of the open sea exhibit, seabird aviary, and the sea otter pool.

A screenshot of the live feed of the sea otter pool.
Credit Oregon Coast Aquarium

Aquarium spokesperson, Sally Compton, says this was intended to help people unable to visit engage with the exhibits.

“So far we’ve gotten really good feedback. People really connect with the different animals, whether that’s the birds, the otters, or the sharks,” says Compton. “So it’s really cool to be able to have them get engaged with them from their homes, from their desktops, and be able to see what they’re up to.”

Compton says these live feeds are also helpful for workers to keep an eye on the animals.

Viewers can check on a common murre egg in the seabird aviary that’s due to hatch any day.