Local Grocery Stores Coping During Coronavirus

Mar 18, 2020

Like most grocery stores across the country, Sundance Natural Foods and Capella Market in Eugene have seen an increase of shoppers stocking up on food. Here's how they’re coping during the Covid-19 outbreak.

While some grocery stores are seeing their shelves empty completely, local markets are having a slightly different experience.
Credit Pixabay.com

Sundance’s Troy Eustice says it’s been a challenge to keep shelves full, but they’re only running out of specific items.

“If there’s not one kind of rice, we’ll have another one for example or if we’re out of pinto beans, we’ll have black beans.”

Eustice anticipates few issues with resupplying and since most of Capella’s suppliers are local, they foresee minor delays to replenish items like bread and eggs. As every farmer knows, chickens don’t understand supply and demand.

Both stores have stepped up efforts to keep things sanitized. Sundance began packaging their self-service foods. They are also creating a delivery and pick-up system for people who need it.

Despite the extra work, both stores have good employee morale. Capella’s Reisa Maddex elaborates.

“They have been working really, really hard - always with smiles on their faces, happy to help people.”

She also expects things to slow down as people adjust to maintaining their food stores.