Local Restaurants Prepare For Big Game

Jan 12, 2015

The wait is over! Oregon plays Ohio State tonight in the first ever national College Football Championship Game. Eugene area eateries are preparing for a big night.

What goes better with football than pizza? Pizza delivery drivers will be busy tonight.  Tim Hill is General Manager at Track Town Pizza. His crew was rolling out dough this morning in preparation. The restaurant near campus already has an order for 75 giant pizzas for a watch party on campus. Hill expects they'll make and deliver about 500 pizzas.

Hill: "Four years ago when Oregon played Auburn, we had 580 pizza's total. Still not as much as a home game when Oregon's playing here which, generally hit around 900 to 1100 pizzas."

Local sports bars are preparing for watch parties. At the Wild Duck Cafe near campus, server TJ Knox says they're expecting a full house.  They have a large HD projector screen in the main dining room and several TVs.

Knox: "We're all stocked up on all of the local beers and we're definitely getting ready for anybody that's going to come in and get something to eat."

Kickoff is at 5:30 p.m.