Looking Ahead, Black Unity Assesses Its Agenda Under A Biden Administration

Nov 8, 2020

Local activists with Black Unity are celebrating Joe Biden’s defeat of Donald Trump, albeit with measured optimism.  The group held an event tonight to discuss the election’s outcome.

People gather on the steps of the Wayne Morse Federal Courthouse Sunday afternoon to discuss Black Unity's goals during a Biden Administration.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

About 30 people gathered at the federal courthouse in Eugene, to discuss what President-Elect Joe Biden can do about oppression, police brutality, and improving race relations.

Ty Ford of Black Unity outside the federal courthouse in Eugene. He says this past year has really developed his work as an activist for Black Unity.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

On that last note, President Trump has been criticized for things like not readily condemning white supremacist violence, and promoting “birtherism” during President Obama’s term.

Black Unity leader Ty Ford told KLCC that Trump’s actions gave a “safe space” for racists, which hindered Black activism.

“A lot of like lying and spewing hate, which made it really hard to convince people what we’re out here actually trying to do, is not to fight against people," added Ford. 

"We’re here to bring people together. Black liberation is human liberation.”

While most in the group cheered Kamala Harris’ status as the first Black, South Asian, and woman Vice President Elect, some took issue with her law enforcement career. Many activists are split on reforming, defunding, or abolishing the police.

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