LRAPA Says Local Glassmaking Isn't Cause For Concern

Mar 3, 2016

Glass manufacturing is in the spotlight since high levels of cadmium and arsenic were traced to a Portland factory last month. KLCC’s Rachael McDonald checked in with Lane Regional Air Protection Agency to find out if there’s reason to be concerned about local glass-makers.

Bullseye Glass in Southeast Portland is one of two glass companies that has voluntarily stopped using cadmium in and arsenic in its manufacturing of colored glasses.
Credit Bryan M. Vance / OPB

Jo Niehaus is with LRAPA. She says in Lane County, glass manufacturing is done on a much smaller scale that at Bullseye Glass in Portland.
Niehaus: “So these studios are not using cadmium and arsenic, which are the two metals discovered in high levels around the Portland facilities and most of the glass artists in Lane County are using pre-colored glass and are not adding metals directly to their art.”
Niehaus says LRAPA has been in contact with Lane County glass artists and is watching developments in Portland. She expects that Oregon will create a public process to strengthen regulations around glass manufacturing facilities in the future.