LTD Postpones EmX Construction

Nov 17, 2014

Lane Transit District is putting off its major road construction work for the new West Eugene rapid transit line until the spring.


The EM-X project necessitates re-building Charnelton Street in downtown Eugene. LTD spokesman Andy Vobora says the project will begin once the weather is warmer.
Vobora: “As we’ve been out talking with businesses, there was at least some concern about the holidays and not having, especially Charnelton Street, opened up during the holidays and affecting holiday traffic. So that was one consideration, but the second consideration really was the weather.”
Vobora says the Charnelton rebuild requires a lot of new concrete and temperature plays a big factor in how quickly concrete can cure.  
This winter, work is continuing on moving utilities along the 8-point 8 mile EmX corridor. Vobora says the $94 million project is the biggest in LTD’s history. It’s also a big project for the City of Eugene and Eugene Water and Electric Board. The West Eugene EmX is expected to be up and running in 2017.
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