LTD Riders Will Soon Be Able To Pay With Smartphones

Mar 27, 2019

Lane Transit District plans to go digital. They will roll out an electronic fare system in August.

Credit LTD

LTD’s Board of Directors has decided to contract with the California company, Delerrok, Inc. to provide an electronic fare management system. Riders can pay with a mobile device or a fare card to ride an LTD bus or EmX.

LTD Assistant General Manager Mark Johnson says the move is meant to modernize their system.

“It gives our customers different options and really convenient options to be able to pay their bus fare. They have mobile, or they can do ticketing, and they can still pay cash as well.”

Johnson says the system will also give LTD better data to help with decisions about routes and customer service. The cost of the digital system is $2 million over 6 years. Johnson does not expect it to affect the price of a ride on the bus.

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