Marcola Teacher Files Suit, Claiming Mascot Violates State Rules

Jun 20, 2018

An Oregon teacher has filed a complaint claiming a school district's new mascot is racist and violates rules prohibiting the use of Native American-themed images.

Mohawk High School in Marcola, Oregon.
Credit Wikimedia

In 2016, the Marcola School District dropped its "Mohawk Indians" mascot and adopted the “Mustangs” instead.

In the complaint filed with the state Department of Education, Marcola fifth-grade teacher John Etheredge says the horse is "adorned with war paint, feathers, beads and a faux 'Mohawk'-style mane."

Etheredge says the district has simply taken the "same Native American images that were previously on a human head and placed them on a mustang's head."

Marcola District Superintendent Bill Watkins says the symbols on the mascot are used by cultures across the world, and the district has the right to use them.