Margaret Prentice: "Wetlands" at the White Lotus

Apr 19, 2017

                                    Show: Viz City

Subject: Margaret Prentice and “Wetlands”


Margaret Prentice in her Eugene home studio.
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

Date of Interview: Friday, April 14, 2017

Date of Broadcast: Wed. April 19, 2017

Script: Sandy Brown Jensen

Sound: Terry Way

INTRO: Delicate reflections, a heron visits Delta Ponds--you are listening to Viz City and you are adrift in the watery world of oil painter Margaret Prentice in a new show called “Wetlands” at the White Lotus Gallery.


"Reflections in Late October" Oil on Canvas. Margaret Prentice at the White Lotus.
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

<<PRENTICE: 19:23-19:33>> Water really is important to me. It is what I have discovered since living here.

NARRATOR: It’s hard to believe from these ethereal paintings that Prentice was best known as a printmaker when she was teaching at the University of Oregon. A debilitating illness made it impossible for her to stand at the presses three hours a day.

<<PRENTICE: 1:562:03-->> I basically couldn’t go outdoors, I couldn’t stand up longer than fifteen minutes. I have an identical twin sister, she came out to take care of me.

<<Jump to 2:23>> So one day--my sister is a painter--she was out in my printmaking studio standing at a little portable easel painting. One day she came in when I was probably in the living room watching TV or something, and she said, “Well, you can’t just sit around the house all day doing nothing."

She said, “You can sit at the kitchen table and paint!”


Artist Margaret Prentice and her Maine coon cat companion Simon having a moment in her home studio.
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

NARRATOR: And so Prentice began a second artistic career as a painter, inspired by her palette of light and color.

<<4:54 And so it was this HUGE color experience and I was absolutely sold, right then and there.>>

NARRATOR: As Margaret continued her healing journey, she was drawn to paint huge clouds and weather.

"Adirondack Storms." Oil on Canvas. Margaret Prentice at the White Lotus.
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

<<14:47--15:02 >> I’d go out into a storm all around here and take photographs--in the wind, in the rain, sometimes in the rain and come back to my studio and paint.

<<15:04>> I discovered that I really loved the process of taking a lot of photographs in an area--you know in the middle of a storm, the clouds are blowing, so every second you have a different cloud formation.

The White Lotus has "Wetlands" beautifully displayed on neutral textures walls with both natural and museum lighting.
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

NARRATOR: Margaret Prentice’s obsession with storm clouds and wetlands can be seen at her fine show currently at the White Lotus Gallery at 767 Willamette. Locals will enjoy seeing their favorite viewpoints of Finley Wildlife Refuge and Delta Ponds reflected in this “Wetlands” series.

This has been Viz City, co-produced by Sandy Brown Jensen and Terry Way.

Poppies center a display of Margaret Prentice's "Wetland"series oils at the White Lotus Gallery.
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

Margaret Prentice's home studio capitalizes on natural light and the appeal of a clean, well-lighted space.
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen