Maude Kerns Members Show 2018

Dec 17, 2018

You're looking here at the main stage gallery of the Maude Kerns Art Center, beautifully curated by Executive Director Michael Fisher.
Credit Photo by Sandy Brown Jensen

Viz City Interview with Michael Fisher, Curator of the MKAC Member’s Show 2018

Date of Interview: Friday, Nov. 30, 2018

Date of Broadcast: Wed. Dec. 5, 2018

RE:  Maude Kerns Art Center’s  “Art For All Seasons” Annual Membership Show and Club Mud Ceramics Sale.

You’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s Arts Review program. If it’s December, then it’s time for the Maude Kerns Art Center’s  “Art For All Seasons” Annual Membership Show and Club Mud Ceramics Sale. Viz City caught up with Michael Fisher, Executive Director and curator extraordinaire of this year’s brightly varied show:

Michael: "So this year we have 118 artists, and that doesn’t include our amazing ceramics artists that are in Club Mud Ceramics Co-op sale."

There is a lot to look at in this show, so I asked Michael to introduce a couple of newer artists that have caught his eye.

"A new artist this year who I’m really excited about is an artist by the name of Robin Grace, and she’s got two pieces in the show."


"Love in the Ruins," multi-media by Robin Grace
Credit Photo by Sandy Brown Jensen

"She uses lots of really interesting materials  to create her piece “Love in the Ruins.” I know that she uses some fiber, she uses mica that gives it this sort of shine, metallic…It kinduv looks almost like a little landscape with roses that are in it."






The main stage in the gallery is centered by a large sculpture by clay artist Frank Gosar called “The Bookseller’s Apprentice.” It is a figurine of a young man reading a book with books stacked all around him, with a cat stretched out on top.

"The Bookseller's Apprentice," figurative clay sculpture by Frank Gosar
Credit Photo by Sandy Brown Jensen

"It creates this wonderful scene of, “what is the world that this character is in?” and I used that piece as the inspiration for the entire area of the stage gallery. So I filled that area with pieces that I thought were these wonderful characters, wonderful scenes ...where this person in Frank’s piece might be reading about."

See for yourself what The Bookseller’s Apprentice might be reading about. Maude Kerns Art Center is located at 1910 East 15th Avenue. Learn more and see images of the Member’s Show at the Viz City blog on

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